How to download youtube videos

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Follow these steps below

Downloading Youtube Videos is a very easy task, but not for everyone and also sometimes there are some methods which requires a lot time and other applications to be installed on your computer, but here it is , with this method you don't have to download any application on your computer to consume your storage and RAM while running . simply add an addon on your browser and Download any video you like from the youtube. 

Step1. Open Youtube on your browser.

Step2. Play your desired video , you want to download from youtube . as shown in image 

Step3. Add "ss" in the begining of the video URL on the address bar, as shown in the image above.


Step4.  You will be redirected to another website where it will give you the option to download the video . 

NOTE :  If this is the First time you are downloading youtube video with this method , you need to download an addon on your browser for just once, which will be there on the same page you will be redirected.

Step5. Select the Format of the video you want to download, and Enjoy! 

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